Fantastical: The Art of Matt Gaser

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Worlds Beyond Imagination

A utopian city levitates above a lush green Earth. A brilliant doctor specializing in the care and treatment of half-giants and pirate slugs discovers a terrible plague from another dimension. A headstrong teenage girl and her friendly monster enter a high-stakes race for survival. In a bleak and gray dystopian city, a singular butterfly heralds miraculous discoveries for a half-human cyborg.

This is just a small sampling of the fantastical worlds imagined by visionary artist Matt Gaser. In this collection of paintings, sketches, and concept art, he will lead you on a journey to realms unlike anything you’ve ever seen in your wildest imaginings. Pack your bags, it’s going to be an incredible ride.

Every book that is sold will get a personalized sketch signed by the artist.

5 reviews for Fantastical: The Art of Matt Gaser

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Scott Wiser

    This Art book does the job all art books should do. The paintings are beautiful, masterful in fact. The writings are inspiring. And my mind lights up with ideas when I open it. I highly recommend it for any artist looking for creative fuel! And I look forward to seeing more of Matt’s creations!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alvaro Saracho

    I recently purchased this book at the latest CTN and needless to say it was every bit as engaging as I thought and more. The world building and imagination that goes into everyone of his drawings are mesmerizing. I definitely recommend anyone interested in polished, 1st rate concept art and designs. I look forward to him actually developing some of the stories and pieces he includes in the book. Great read!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dale Conboy

    To sum it up, Matt Gaser’s Fantastical is fantastically fantastic.

    I really enjoyed reading his introduction where he talks about his background and lifelong interest in art and illustration. It’s always interesting to hear the stories behind amazingly talented people; what drives them, why they love doing what they do, what it took to turn their passion into a living.

    Gaser’s art throughout the book presents a wonderful peek into his mind with the works ranging from annotated sketches to stunningly crafted paintings. Turning the pages, I was easily lost almost immediately in his uniquely curated world of fantasy. I found my own mind wandering, expanding upon what was on the pages, dreaming up my own stories and filling in the blanks for Gaser’s characters and their far off worlds.

    In addition to just enjoying the art in the book, I also found Fantastical eliciting feelings of inspiration in myself. Not just inspiration to create, but also inspiration to continue to follow my passions in life. Fantastical for me is an awesome reminder that anything is possible when you dedicate yourself to doing what you love.

    Ordering the book through Matt’s website was a breeze. PayPal checkout is always quick and easy. In addition, Matt processed and shipped my order very quickly. The book showed up at my doorstep two or three days after placing my order. It was very well packaged and arrived without any damage or bent corners.

    Thank you Matt for not only the wonderful book, but also some new inspiration!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Soares

    Matt Gaser’s work has inspired me since I saw it in Battle Milk 3.
    I can’t think of very many conceptual artists who can instantly cause you to lose yourself to a flood of ideas just by showing you one of his paintings.
    And now finally he’s got his own book full of that stuff.
    I definitely recommend it.
    The book came very quickly and he even did a sketch for me.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kurt Klockau

    I have followed Mr. Gaser’s work for years and I was thrilled to see him finally collect all of his beautiful art in one place. It’s such a great book to grab when you need a jolt of inspiration or to refuel your creative batteries. I highly recommend it as an addition to anyone’s art library.

    This year for Christmas I ordered two copies for our Secret Santa gift exchange at work. I needed them fairly quickly and Matt had them in the mail the very next day. He even personalized both copies! Payment was a breeze and the books showed up on my doorstep within a couple days.

    A fantastic book and fantastic service. Thanks Matt!

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